Two Of Us

You and I have memories Longer than the road that stretches out ahead Two of us wearing raincoats Standing so low In the sun You and me chasing paper Getting nowhere On our way back home We’re on our way home We’re on our way home We’re going home (Two Of Us – The Beatles) … Continue reading

Short Thoughts on Dewi Today..

Dewi K Tedjaningrum…a life and love fighter…people might misunderstood by her words…while she actually doesn’t mean to hurt… You really have to talk to her to know her… Meet her and know her at @tedjaningrum on twitter.

Portraiture Experiment : Dyah

A Full-pledged housewife and half-time student.  Sometimes she caught herself in being cocky, but I know she has a warm heart. One thing I adore her about is that she knows her character’s so well. And know that it’s unpleasant, she always try to change it. I guess, it’s kinda rare for people to realize that.

Adisya Nuzulita Pontoh

Adisya Nuzulita Pontoh, she taught me that you couldn’t judge people by the way she talks. The first time I met her, I thought she’s a blonde-snobbish type girl. But as time goes by for one year, I know she’s so humble and modest. The kindness shines just as her beauty.

The Man With Blues Tunes

Maga Siregar, Cantalope’s Guitarist. I only knew him for two years. But it almost feels like he’s my brother. I love the way he plays guitar, and always looks for Cantalope’s gig in some famous Fast-Food restaurant (three letters). Look for him at Eastern Promises Kemang every friday night. This picture was taken by Nikon D300+Nikkor MF … Continue reading

She Loves Her Gear

Grasiana S. Linerta. My colleague friend in University of Indonesia, Faculty of Psychology. Never knew her actually until we met in multiply, never thought she’s a photographer. I adore her for sense in still life photography, which is my ultimate weakness in composing.