frap and Crackers


Ending The Day With Two Frapuccino

A fresh afternoon with green tea frap and caramel frap

Gelora Bung Karno

Guilford train station

Peacetime Solo Club


HDR Project : Stand Alone Castle

Location : Edinburgh  

@aacchhyy & @suryodonut : You, Me, and Us

I present this photo for Aci and Suryo who eventually get married on 10th of April 2011. Basically this picture shows nothing except how girls and boys love to do their own thing, but still it sticks them together. Ipod, jackets, lipstick, mirror, lazy, fondness. This picture is supposed to be their printed for their … Continue reading

a’ phìob mhòr (Great Highland Bagpiper)

Dewi Sri : There She Looked At Me

Dewi Sri