Photographic Moment : Analog Knight

This picture was taken at Taman Suropati, Jakarta.

I always have respect at Analog Photographers. The struggle to buy the film, and print it needs to be adored. Currently in Jakarta, only few store sell film. And lesser can print it. It’s a pity, for film quality is always better than digital. Hope they will not vanish yet…



  1. i beg to differ 🙂

    i think film is not always better than digital
    especially if you can only afford to buy the cheap one :p

    i think digital is the same as its counterpart (the seluloid), it’s just using ‘different type of film’

    and please do mind that the analog users have an ‘environmental sin’ since developing a film would need pretty lot of water and use chemical substance also 😀

  2. well i’m not sure if i can show you much since i’m pretty sure that you already skillful enough with camera ( hey, you took beautiful images that for sure !:D )
    after all it’s the same concept different medium isn’t it ?

    but i can tell you where to start buying cheap films and perhaps this is an info. that you have already know 🙂

    Go to Pasar Baru, Metro Atom 2nd floor, look for Toko Acong (you can find a lot of store there but i recommend Toko Acong because they sell relatively cheaper than the others and don’t forget to bid for a lower price if you visit the other shop you might get lower price also)

    here’s the price lists

    You can find Lucky SHD Asa 100 (BW film) for just Rp 8500,00

    Kodak Colorplus Asa 200 (Color) for about Rp 10.000-12.000

    Fuji Superia Asa 200 (Color) for 12.000,00

    Lucky Color Asa 200 for Rp 10.000,00

    And if you look for better quality and more expensive one :

    you can find Kodak T-Max 400 (BW film) for Rp 40.000,00

    Ilford Delta (BW-film) for Rp 15.000 (my friend once bought it for Rp 15tsnd while i bought 30thsnd in other shop, ouch !)

    Kodak Tri-X (rare, i dont know about the exact price tag, perhaps the same with T-Max – (fyi, James Nachtwey often use this film !) never found it in Ps Baru for this one thou, well, afteral if i found one i cannot afford to buy it :p

    beside Pasar Baru, you can also visit Toko Istimewa, owned by Koh Fafi in Pasar Kebayoran Lama, it reside below the Kebayoran Lama fly-over

    Koh Fafi also sells the quality films as i have mentioned above

    Now, every film have different characteristics (e.g tonality, color cast etc.)

    Lucky SHD have narrow tonality (contrasty) compared to the expensive one and cannot handle highlight area pretty well, it tend to give glowy result
    but if you can handle it well the result would be marvelous

    Kodak Colorplus will gives warmer (yellowish) result
    while Fuji Superia gives green cast

    the film you choose would likely to be a matter of personal taste 🙂
    i’m a fan of Lucky SHD and Colorplus !

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