Photographic Moment : The Wait & Check

The wait, and the check. Curiosity comes up, while we lost the moment…Wait for another moment while we know there won’t be any second-and-exactly-same moment…

7 Responses to “Photographic Moment : The Wait & Check”
  1. sapiterbang says:

    but Garry Winogrand once said, “there are no picture when i load a film”

    perhaps it works the same way around

  2. sapiterbang says:

    yeah, guess i have given the incorrect metaphor for that case.

    Loading a film is whole lot different thing compared to chimping, sorry ’bout that 🙂

    • stluciasound says:

      It’s okay bro. We are here in same position, still learning. I can’t call my self an expert, I’m just a stupid photographer. 🙂

      I saw your gallery in tumblr, awesome street photos. I also love street photos a lot. Did you snapped that with film? My respect to you…

  3. sapiterbang says:

    yup, i use film, thank you, much appreciate 😀

  4. sapiterbang says:

    whoa ! awesome dude ! lot of picture there that weren’t uploaded here that really capture my eyes 😀

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