Shoes Are Woman’s Best Friend?

Don’t be offended with this, as this is just an article from a boy’s thought. I always try to understand woman in every aspect. Things they like and things they don’t. And I found one very same thing they like : shoes. My Mom, My Sis, My Cousin, My Girl are fond of shoes. Everytime … Continue reading

Street Market : The Seller and The Buyer…

Early in the morning at Suryakencana, Bogor. There’s always interesting stuff in the market. Especially the second hand stuff such as shoes, remote control, air conditioner, and fishing stuff.

Photographic Moment : Analog Knight

This picture was taken at Taman Suropati, Jakarta. I always have respect at Analog Photographers. The struggle to buy the film, and print it needs to be adored. Currently in Jakarta, only few store sell film. And lesser can print it. It’s a pity, for film quality is always better than digital. Hope they will not … Continue reading

Perfect Pairs

Coffee, Cigs, Gadgets will always be perfect pairs for me…can’t live without it. It’s 2 hours to my Investation Management, and here am I, releasing my stress, load the bullet to get it through…

The Old Man : Waiting For His Time

One of the lonely people. Look at others activity on the street while people didn’t care about his presence. Maybe he was just waiting for his moment to come. God knows his presence rather that other people…

Adley Eleazar : The Deceiving Looks

Talk to him for one minute, you know you’ll be trapped on his funny stories and joke. At a glance, he might be looked snobbish. After a minute, you are on his fun-frame. His jokes are killin’ his perspective is broad. Even though it was on his sarcastic way.

Photographic Moment : The Wait & Check

The wait, and the check. Curiosity comes up, while we lost the moment…Wait for another moment while we know there won’t be any second-and-exactly-same moment…

Liverpool vs ManU

Liverpool is playing against Manchester United tonite. There”s always be a high tension between these two supporters. In Twitter, Liverpool is currently on trending topics. Guess there’s so many ManU haters in this world. I really want to tweet it to WordPress but it looks like there’s a connection problem between Twitter and WordPress. I … Continue reading

Anti Gravity

This a a real problem for being Human. We always doesn’t realise our limitation. Try to be off -limits with things called “achieve beyond dream”. In the end, we’ll realize that we are destroying our life with that “dream”


Be’s so real.. The wound becomes a tomb… We refuse to to it, but you left my tired soul..